• Sheretta
    Before I started the program, I was averaging 1-3 jobs per month, mostly assisting. I was also working a full time job in another field, not being able to give the time needed to develop my company. Photography felt more like a hobby than a career. After completing the program, I started gaining more clientele of my own and averaging 4-7 jobs per month. With the increase in clients, I was able to step down from full time to part time which allowed me to focus more on photography and building a successful business. Now that i'm fully focused in photography, I'm more confident in myself, my talents, and able to book the higher end clients that I prefer to work with. Since starting the program, I've averaged around 5,000 dollars While in the program Corey was there every step of the way. He continued to offer help and share resources that he used. He made sure you got a complete understanding and gave honest and constructive feedback. Outside the program, he continually helped me develop my photography skills as well as teach me new skills such as videography. He's an amazing mentor to have
    Photography Unleashed Client
  • Jenni
    Prior to starting photography unleashed I feel like I was just running a side gig rather than a business. I had a vision for what I wanted to be doing but didn't have the confidence to push forward. I needed help with identifying my ideal client, setting obtainable goals that didn't sell myself short and booking clients. October has been my most profitable month since starting my business. I have made changes to my website and am re-branding myself in the direction that I am meant to pursue. I have confidence in my ability and what I offer and am no longer afraid to charge for my value. I have booked clients that I had never met or that found me online. I have been able to build a relationship with these clients, which is an important goal for my business.
    Photography Unleashed Client
  • Heather
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wife! I wanted to take a second and tell you how truly blessed beyond measure I feel to be under your wing! The information I have learned so far from you had been priceless. My business has grown tremendously and I contribute that to you. I’m so thankful that God listens to our prayers and puts the right people in our path to help us achieve what He has in store for us! I haven’t even made it all the way through the program because I have been so busy “serving” my awesome clients. You have an amazing gift Corey! Thank you for sharing it with people like me! Now, put on those elastic pants and eat all of the food! All of it!! In His Love, Heather
    Photography Unleashed Client
  • Jacob
    Corey Reese's photography Clients unleashed business course is just the type of training I had been looking for. I have recently made the move to being a full-time photographer and upon doing so was greeted with the stark realization that I had no idea what I was doing when it comes to running a successful photography business. From the layout and design of the course videos and work coupled with Corey's positivity , really has helped me focus my goals and my mindset. Instead of feeling like I'm lost at sea unsure of which direction I should be going in, I now feel like I have been put on the right path. I am taking what I have learned so far in this course and turned it into small manageable and most importantly actionable goals. One of the things I love about the course is that it allows you to go at your own pace. I don't feel like I am being pushed to complete anything, therefore I am able to really dive into the assignments, making sure I am putting together content for my business that is true to my mission statement. Also, the knowledge that Corey and his team really want the people taking the course to be successful is such a confidence booster, because then I don't feel dumb or discouraged about asking for feedback or if I have questions. I look forward to continuing on through the course and seeing my business grow and develop.
    Photography Unleashed Client
  • Jasminique
    The program is amazing and life changing! After just the first week, my mindset had tremendously changed. Now I'm on my 3rd week, and I'm in the process of making adjustments to my site to market myself better and showcase my best work with confidence. I value my work so much more after only a few short weeks, and so much more confident in asking for prices that I know my work is worth. It's also refreshing to have Corey be only an email or phone call away to answer questions that arise! I am so excited about the remainder of the course, because already not only has my business improved but I have improved too!!
    Photography Unleashed Client
  • Jeffrey
    I've felt much more confident in terms of selling myself and asking for prices that are representative of what my work's worth. I've also made adjustments to my web site that makes it much easier for potential clients to make contact with me. This is my third week and it's been tremendous. It's changed my whole mindset about how I approach customers. Corey -- you've helped lead the way. Thank you!
    Photography Unleashed Client
  • Cierra
    Revamped my website via the training. I added a few things and first step of the class is on its way. This morning, a woman went to my site, set up a call back consultation and booked a shoot at my price (not a bullshit 'sale price') but Full price and we shot all in the same day. This is big for me because I barely get anyone willing to pay over $50. I am a small town photographer but she paid the full $200 And 15.3% tax. Sadly I only see a small part of that because my cat had to be taken to the vet after the shoot due to intestinal problems but Goals are on their way to being reached!!!! This marketing class is working already.
    Photography Unleashed Client
  • Jewel
    Good Evening Corey! I want to thank you for taking the time to speak with me and my husband this morning. Honestly, this is exactly what needed. I was just telling my husband that I needed to do something different to get better results. I have completed most of the introductory module and I must say that it was refreshing and reinvigorating to get refocused and clear on who I want to serve, what problems they have and what solutions I bring. I have done exercises like this in the past but I must say it wasn't for something I was passionate about. Today was different. My Husband and I talked more about being "all-in" and making necessary sacrifices now so that we can reap later, so much so that we canceled an upcoming trip to Miami that we had been planned months ago. I am committed to my success and I appreciate you bringing the accountability portion that I was lacking. Many Thanks,
    Photography Unleashed Client
  • Denetra
    Hey Corey, Yes I had a doctors appointment today and some time to kill (because as you know you wait forever lol), so I started watching the first few videos. I have to say it has reignited a spark in me to pursue my dream. I didn't share with you yesterday how much I need this business to be successful in my life right now. Having to stop today and examine the "why" was super insightful for me. I thought I knew why, but it turns out I had more deeper thoughts regarding my why. You also say some things in the videos that have been like hearing an echo for me. I am telling you God placed you and some other very supportive people in my path just when the devil had convinced me to give up on my dreams and be stuck existing in a life that I wasn't meant to live. I truly believe what you said about God being able to bless you beyond anything you could ever imagine if you will just trust that he is the driving force behind your talents and gifts. Sorry I am going on and on, but I am just re-energized and motivated. I am ready to show the husband that unlike other things I have tried to further advance my business, this time he is going to see the return and the work effort from me. Again I am grateful that I was encouraged to reach out and connect with you.
    Photography Unleashed Client

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  • Beverly Appel
    It's presented in an interesting and understandable way. I love that Corey Reese wants to get people to be more capable with their cameras and isn't charging us at the beginner level. Thank you Corey!
    Beverly Appel
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    Corey Reese does an excellent job giving solid techniques to improve your photography skills.
    Shermaine Greene
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    Corey has a well-paced presentation that clearly explains the concepts he puts forth in each lesson. This is a great starting point for beginners and a useful refresher for photographers with intermediate experience. Thanks Corey!
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  • What a great course. I have always wanted a better understanding of basic photography. Thanks!
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  • know all about the manual things on camera but today i learned it in a different way which is very easy to understand.
    Photographer Saer Islam
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  • Excellent course so far, The best thing is that you talk briefly (the lectures are not so long) and you explain everything as fast as you can, while still deliver the idea .. Thanks for that course ^_^
    Mr. Hany Hamza
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  • I liked it when you gave a problem and showed how to solve it.
    American Sign Language Cynthia Long
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  • Corey is very easy to follow and I am loving the visuals. :)
    Jobeth Remigio
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  • Tedimola Olamide
    This is because the instructor took his time in preparing his lecture and teaching aids such that they worked together to make for a very interesting and enlightening session.​
    Tedimola Olamide
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  • #NewcomerSayHello: Hi, this is Avik from India. Though I am not a beginner..its always good to brush up a bit. Excellent representations and guiding..thanks Sir Corey
    Avik Maiti
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  • awesome!!
    King Nerio Sibulo
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  • One of the best classes I have seen of Udemy. Instructor is very energetic and proceeds in a logical manor.
    Alex Thompson
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  • YaSheika Hubbard
    He's a great teacher and easy to understand; even if you've never touched a camera! What a relief
    YaSheika Hubbard
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  • Wafia Alshikh
    really it was soooooo interesting course and i have enjoyed every single second in it ! Valuable information
    Wafia Alshikh
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    The course was very good. the instructor was very clear and brought across the instruction in an understandable way. i am more confident now with this lesson
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    Wow! So far it has been easy to follow all the details about "aperture and shutter speed" even with my broken English. I would like to continue and see what else I can learn in this course. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
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  • very good examples and small time of lectures. They offer you the point of the subject without too much useless details
    stavros dimopoulos
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  • simple, precise and exact explanation. Terry
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    Great explanation of all vital components in photography. Will take any other courses offered by this teacher. Respond
    Teyo Munguia
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  • Just from the Aperture and Shutter Speed lectures alone, I have learned some "aha moments" and fully understand the difference in the shutter speed giving me the end result that I may be looking for. So far so good...
    Donna Davis
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  • Paul Hawthorne
    Even as an absolute beginner with manual mode, I found Corey's presentations really easy to understand and well put together. I have tried reading books, but that does not compute. Video tuition is by far the fastest, most intuitive way to learn for me. Great work Corey. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us newbies to the daunting world of manual camera operation. I have a revitalized urge to get out and give it a another shot.
    Paul Hawthorne
    Udemy Student
  • muito bem explicativo.
    Kassiane Feitosa
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  • Amanda Hughes
    Wow I've learned more about shutter and AV in these few two lessons than I did in another 5 week course ! Nice !
    Amanda Hughes
    Udemy Student
  • I still need to do the homework, but I learned so much about taking better pictures. I've always said my cellphone takes the worst pictures but, while waiting for my tripod to arrive, I went out and toyed with framing shots using my phone. Corey taught me to think about framing shots, lighting, and to use my real camera correctly. I highly recommend this class!
    Shelly Warmuth
    Udemy Student
  • He's too the point instruction. No miscellaneous babbling (for lack of a better word) looking for words to use up time. Simple and does not try to make photography so technical and difficult like you are in a math class,... that you just wanna take you camera back to the store....like many photo classes do....too many instructors waste time trying to impress people with what they know rather than show you what to do...I like his style
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  • Very informative, easy understanding topics. I like your simple approach to explain the photography terms. Thanks!
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    Corey presented his materials in a simple and fun way in which I was able to learn new things and reinforce materials that I had learned in the past that gave me more confidence.
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    He is good at explaining techniques. His experience behind the camera is great.
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    Great intro into taking your photography to the next level. Corey is a great presenter and speaker and its really easy to understand what he is teaching you.
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  • Hello! I am Anastassiya aka Joddy Obaasimaa. I am a dance teacher & an art lover. I do fitness. What I am already surpirsed in the beginning is that Corey is very artistic. The shots he's shown so far impressed me so much, that I am eager to continue learning the photography. I got 600D Canon from my patner...This course may inspire me on further activities, beside dancing :) Also I am crazy about fashion, and I like the topic of this very course. Dear Corey, thank you for sharing your knowledge :)
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  • Awesome. Really a good guideline for photography. Thanks Corey Reese.
    Mohamed Thameem Ansar s/o Mohamed Iqbal
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  • Excellent! Provided a very easy learning process and I got to see where I went wrong in some of my photos :) Thank You!
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    OMG Can I please share this video series with my Digital Photography Club?? I teach Digital Photography at a Virtual high school.....this is what they need to see before they think about doing Digital Photography!!!! Love this!!!
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    This a great course to learn the basic essentials of photography. Corey is an excellent instructor who conveys the technical aspects in an easy to understand manner. I recommend this course for all beginners.
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    I think that Corey is knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter. His delivery is relaxed and engaging with covering the basics quite well in a short amount of time.
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  •  Claudia
    I am learning from scratch so I've picked up some very valuable information so far. Things that I've never thought about just taking a normal picture. I like it. Very interesting and exciting. Corey has done a great job. Thank you.
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    I learned more new things from this class after doing a few other photography classes. Yes, I did get refreshed on some points but loved that I got more new information from him. I really enjoyed the way he taught. I like that you got to see him doing the photos instead of examples only like in other classes. The visuals for his class were amazing and made the class more entertaining and fun to watch. Thanks so much for this class. I will be looking into other classes by this instructor.
    Lisa Cameron
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